Sickman's Mill 1987

Sickman’s Mill is located in Pequea, right along Pequea Creek. Since it’s earliest records of ownership (1772), it has been used for a number of things including distilling, saw milling, and flour milling. Through its many owners and purposes, the mill has changed and evolved, ever accommodating the needs of the times.

In its early days, the mill was a 30’ by 40’ structure with three stories and was used as a distillery by Christian Shenk, followed by his son Jacob Shenk. As it changed hands, it came under the ownership of Daniel Good in 1857, who enlarged the mill to 40’ by 60’ with four and a half stories to make room for the grain rolling process. While they were enlarging the mill, they also added a stone exterior, ensuring the stability of the long-standing structure.

Sickman's Mill B&W

Mill's mechanical machines

After the Good’s ownership, there were a number of owner’s including John Haskell, Geroe Buckwalter, William and Samuel Pugh, and eventually Fred Sickman, who continued its operation as a flour mill. After it was passed down to Warren Sickman, the mill’s namesake, it continued to be operated as a flour mill through May of 1967, producing hundreds of barrels of flour a week.

Since the mill was sold in May of 1967, it has been used for a number of things including as an antiques mall, museum, and campground. Most recently, however, it has become the home of weddings and events, as well as recreational tubing during the summer. As its environment inevitably changes, Sickman’s Mill will continue to adapt, as it has for the past 250 years.